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My career

My name is Guillermo Castillo, and I am the CEO of Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A., one of the largest business groups in Central America. In this role, I have focused on developing the business from a people-centered perspective, driving product and service quality, using the best technology, and committing to the development of Guatemalan society.

About me
Guillermo Castillo

Generating value for the future of Guatemala.

Latest ideas

Press room

Forbes | Present a program to eradicate malnutrition in Guatemalan communities.

The social project called "Guatemalans for Nutrition", with a private investment of 15 million dollars,…

Bloomberg Linea |Castillo Hermanos invest US$15 million in nutrimóviles

In Guatemala, 1 in 2 children suffer from malnutrition, and according to data from January…
Business and leadership

Ideas on how to succeed in 2022

We have seen increased growth in talent transformation, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship.

«To achieve success, we must have a shared purpose backed by integrity, principles, and good teamwork.«

Press room

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