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Forbes | Present a program to eradicate malnutrition in Guatemalan communities.

By October 7, 2022No Comments
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The social project called “Guatemalans for Nutrition”, with a private investment of 15 million dollars, was presented this Tuesday in Guatemala with the aim of helping to eradicate malnutrition in the Central American country.

The program will address the causes of chronic malnutrition in the indigenous communities of northwestern Guatemala, as detailed on Tuesday by the project coordinators at a press conference.

“We have focused on addressing malnutrition for more than 60 years,” explained Guillermo Castillo Villacorta, director of the Castillo Hermanos group, the business conglomerate that has invested 15 million dollars in the implementation of the project, during the conference.

“There is concern because, despite the investment throughout this time, the indicators in Guatemala have not changed and that is why we have proposed a program with international support so that it can be replicated,” added Castillo.

According to the project coordinators, one-year studies were carried out on the causes of malnutrition, which made it possible to develop a model of mobile clinics that will serve communities affected by lack of food.

The main objective of the program, according to the same source, is to reduce chronic malnutrition by five percentage points in a sustained manner in the beneficiary communities.

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